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Tamil Nadu State Districts Wise Villages List in India: Tamil Nadu is a state with a long history. Even though early Sangam classics talk about the past, we only have written history from the Pallavas onward.

The Cholas, the Cheras, and the Pandyas ruled over the southern Indian states for hundreds of years. Around the middle of the fourth century A.D., the Pallavas were in charge. They were the first people to build temples in the famous Dravidian style. Aparajita was the last Pallava ruler. Around the 10th century, the Cholas, led by Vijayalaya and Aditya, came into their own. At the end of the 11th century, several dynasties, such as the Chalukyas, Cholas, and Pandyas, ruled Tamil Nadu. In the two hundred years that followed, the Cholas became the most powerful people in South India.

By the middle of the 14th century, the Bahamani Sultanate had been set up because of the Muslims' steady rise to power. At the same time, the Vijayanagar Kingdom quickly grew stronger and took control of all of South India. By the end of the century, Vijayanagar was the most powerful country in South India. At the Battle of Talikota in 1564, the combined forces of the Deccan Sultans were able to defeat it.

Even after the battle of Talikota, when there was a lot of chaos, European business interests showed up as competitors in the South India area. The Portuguese, Dutch, French, and English all came quickly after each other and set up trading hubs called "factories." East India Company opened a factory in Masulipatnam, which is now in Andhra Pradesh, in 1611. Over time, they took over more and more land by making the local rulers hate them. One of the first places the British lived in India was Tamil Nadu. The old Madras Presidency, which covered most of the southern peninsula in 1901, has been replaced by the State. Later, Madras State was reorganised into what is now called Tamil Nadu.

Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka are to the north of Tamil Nadu. Kerala is to the west, the Bay of Bengal is to the east, and the Indian Ocean is to the south.

There are 37 districts in the state, and the total number of villages in Tamil Nadu State is 27,028.

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Tamil Nadu State Districts Wise Villages List

Ariyalur Chengalpattu Chennai
Coimbatore Cuddalore Dharmapuri
Dindigul Erode Kallakurichi
Kancheepuram Kanyakumari Karur
Krishnagiri Madurai Nagapattinam
Namakkal Perambalur Pudukottai
Ramanathapuram Ranipet Salem
Sivagangai Tenkasi Thanjavur
Theni The Nilgiris Thirunelveli
Thiruvallur Thiruvarur Tirupathur
Tiruppur Tiruvannamalai Trichirappalli
Tuticorin Vellore Viluppuram

Tamil Nadu State Districts Wise Villages List