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Ahmadnagar District Tehsils of Maharashtra State: As the largest district in Maharashtra, Ahmednagar covers 5.66 per cent of the state's total land area, making it the largest district in the state. It is located in a historically significant area. Ahmed Shah Nizam Shah gave his city Ahmednagar, which inspired the district's name. The Ahmednagar Fort, where "Late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru" and other heroes of India's independence fight were held, is just one of the numerous historical sites in the district's Ahmednagar. It was at Ahmednagar Fort that Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru penned "Discovery of India," his seminal work on the history of India.

Located on the left bank of the Sina River, about 120 kilometres from Pune and about 110 kilometres from Aurangabad, the city of Ahmednagar is prone to drought and is located in the Ahmednagar District of the State of Maharashtra.

Today, Ahmednagar is the most technologically sophisticated area of the country, home to the most sugar plants (possibly as a symbol of "rural success via cooperation"). Pravara Nagar is the site of the first cooperative sugar plant to be built in Asia. Ralegan-Siddhi and Hivare Bazar, also known as ideal Villages, are great examples of villages making strides in water conservation. One village in this region known for its dedication to environmental protection is Ralegaon Siddhi.

The Population of the district is 4,088,077 and Area is 17,413 Square km. Head Quarters of Ahmadnagar district is Ahmadnagar.

There are 14 Tehsils in Ahmadnagar District. Here is the List of Tehsils.

Ahmadnagar District Tehsils of Maharashtra State

Akola Jamkheda Karjat
Kopargaon Nagar Nevasa
Parner Pathardi Rahta
Rahuri Sangamner Shevgaon
Shrigonda Shrirampur

Ahmadnagar District Tehsils of Maharashtra State